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Pops Tutorial by TigerSponge
Finn Vs. Mordecai by TigerSponge
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Margaret X Eileen by Small-Spark
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Canon X OC

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Thomas x Jenny 2 by AlicornGorillazFan
One last hug...-p1- by Lazy-gal
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mordejay love kiss stamp by minimoose1231
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'It wasn't his eagle claw...' by Cartuneslover16
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Eileen X Rigby
Eileen And Rigby Chibi by minimoose1231
Muscle Man X Starla
+Just married+ by Ritta-Chan011
Benson X Eileen
waitwut? Benson x Eileen sketch by xCaligula
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Mordecai X Eileen
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Brofist by TigerSponge
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Dave and Benson by jester98
Rigby X Margaret
FirstDate p.1 by Cartoonfangirl4
Margaret X CJ
I'm so sorry by LotusTheKat

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I'm sorry guys I haven't been online for a while. Last, LAST, summer I fell in love with One Direction (SQUEE!!) and I have been more into 1D instead Regular Show and Morby. When I went on my computer, I forgot I had all these disgusting, gay (NO OFFENCE), Morby pics and I'm like: "EWW! GROSS! I LOOKED AT THIS?!" I deleted all the pics, and THEN I noticed the S and M Morby Vid and I was HIGHLY disgusted. Yes, I deleted those too. I'm sooo sorry guys. I knew a lot of u were EXTRA THIRSTY to see that vid. HOWEVA, it's different if it Larry Stylinson or any other 1D couple. Basically, all I'm saying is One Direction took over my mind and Regular Show and Morby were pushed out . :-(

So, I'm leaving the "Regular-Romance"  group and [NOT deleting my account] and stuff. So, yeah.

I will miss you all! :') But don't worry I'll still be here (-:
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Welcome to Regular-Romance! The only Regular Show group dedicated to ALL the pairings. Let's give around of applause to the former founder,~Squillarah;p Now here are the Rules of the Group:
:bulletblue:No Trolling if you do you will get reported and/or banned.
:bulletblue:Keep mature pictures under MATURE.
:bulletblue:Do NOT steal other deviants work, if you do you will automatically be kicked out :stare:
:bulletblue:If you can't say anything nice...DON'T say ANYTHING at ALL.
and lastly~
:bulletblue:HAVE FUN




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Lucythemagicbird Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL I didn't know you are a homofobic
Mutatedwerewolf Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
look im not saying th is because i hate gay people they're fine with me its just that i HATE it when people makes a character different like making a straight character gay or a gay character straight. so i dont hate gay people
HoveringPoryZ Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry where am i
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some of these ships are strange 
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Can someone help me?
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red= margret
blue= mordecai
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